About Us

Four Friends got together and agreed that there is a huge need for support on all the different levels of life. Not everybody has the luxury of a counsellor in their area. Online counselling is the answer. In Touch was born.

What can you expect?

  • We are a team of life coaches. It is however very important not to force our own beliefs on people. We tread carefully because it is holy ground!
  • Active listening without judging is vital.
  • Confidentiality is not negotiable.
  • We offer support, guidance and facilitate in decision making.

Like everyone needs a GP, you need a counsellor from time to time.

What are our goals ….

  • Being able to reach more people in need of counselling.
  • Help people recover and grow.
  • Help people to recognise and identify the roots of their problems. Find solutions, giving them the tools to help themselves in future.
  • Cost effective counselling sessions.
  • Convenient, professional service in your own preferred private space.

What In Touch is NOT?

  • We do not diagnose or prescribe.
  • We don’t offer instant solutions.
  • We do not judge.

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